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Life is all about connections, relationships, and links that are meaningful, beneficial and impactful.  We value connections, collaboration and partnership, so we love connecting people, business, government, institutions, and all entities to opportunities of mutual benefit.

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About the Founder

Ms Ellary is different to any other professional you are likely to meet in the global marketplace.  Whilst she ticks many boxes in professional expertise and career experience, it is her character and emotional intelligence that make her stand out in leadership.  She pours much love, wisdom, energy, joy, enthusiasm, passion, optimism, hope, encouragement, kindness, goodness and care into all she does.  She places a high value on people, relationships and have throughout her career impacted lives in and out of the business world. She has the ability to mobilize and lead people well and is very effective in encouraging team work, co-operation, collaboration, synergistic working relationships and high productivity even in a resource poor context.

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Abigail Ellary


We encourage you to connect with us for accurate understanding of the customised and personalised services available to you no matter the nature of your organisation (private sector, government, educational institution, non-profit and other entity); the industry sector; foreign or local; there is a solution to help you with strategic alliances, business development and growth.

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The Business Centre
2 Ncondo Place
Ridge Side
Umhlanga Ridge
KZN+27 (0)82 341 9541

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