Abigail Ellary

Ms Ellary is different to any other professional you are likely to meet in the global marketplace. Whilst she ticks many boxes in professional expertise and career experience, it is her character and emotional intelligence that make her stand out in leadership. She pours much love, wisdom, energy, joy, enthusiasm, passion, optimism, hope, encouragement, kindness, goodness and care into all she does. She places a high value on people, relationships and have throughout her career impacted lives in and out of the business world. She has the ability to mobilize and lead people well and is very effective in encouraging team work, co-operation, collaboration, synergistic working relationships and high productivity even in a resource poor context.

Ms Ellary has the unique ability to engage, secure and optimize strategic partnerships in private sector, government, business and industry associations, chambers of commerce and other multipliers. Apart from her leadership, strategic management and business develop skills, her strengths are in keeping relevant to the clients and markets she represents. Despite the immense industry experience Ms Ellary has had over two decades, she always seeks to innovate, to bring fresh strategies, solutions, wisdom and newness into everything she applies focus to; rather than to become complacent in the familiarity of the work. Her forte is in being an immense source of solutions and strategies, not just in the market place but in life generally.

Professional Expertise

Ms. Ellary’s professional expertise and career experience includes nearly seven years as the Africa Trade Expansion Director working with Enterprise Florida, the economic development organization for the U.S State of Florida. Florida is the 4th largest economy among U.S States and the 17th largest economy in the world. Ms Ellary supported Enterprise Florida’s mission by overseeing the International Trade Development in Africa and Foreign Direct Investment efforts emanating from the continent into Florida. Her focus was on key Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) markets (comprising 15 member states) and East Africa markets. Ms. Ellary developed strategy and facilitated trade opportunities between Florida and African business entities; encouraged government to government cooperation; and was is involved in developing trade activities and working with African companies wishing to expand into Florida.

Ms. Ellary has 17 yrs. of extensive experience in International Trade facilitation gained mostly during her time as Commercial Specialist to the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service and as Associate Trade Advisor to Zurcom International. Her experience with the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service (2000 to 2006) as Commercial Specialist saw her achieve various accolades for Business Development, Business Facilitation, Market Research, ClientAdvisory and Management, Project Management, Marketing and Special Event Management, Trade Mission Support, Management of contractors and multipliers, Trade Promotion, and Advocacy on behalf of US Firms.

She started her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers (1996-2000) where she was Marketing Consultant in the Entrepreneurial Advisory Division responsible for marketing, feasibility studies, and project management.  She continued on to the U.S Foreign Commercial Service (2000-2006); and between (2006-2012) managed a host of activities owning and operating consulting business Ellary Consulting and Think Tank, where she supported South African companies with niche business ideas with business strategy, business development, marketing, and corporate communications; serving an NPO called the Domino Foundation transition over from old to new brand; and also owning Bravo Bags which was a new to market fashion/laptop bag business targeting women. Ms Ellary also did adhoc trade development projects for Zurcom International.

Ms. Ellary is now owner of Ellary Solutions, a business linkages firm that connects people, business and markets; as well as founder of Professional Women, a recruitment, human capital advisory, business strategy and facilitation firm.

Ms Ellary has an honours degree in Management Sciences from the Durban University, has credits toward a degree in Commerce and has attended various leadership training.  Her career highlights include being the successful recipient of temporary duty missions and training opportunities in Baltimore; New York; North and South Carolina; Florida and Cairo.  Her forte is in the conceptual and is therefore a natural source of innovative ideas, solutions and strategies for local and foreign businesses.

Industry Categories & Sectors: Public/Private Partnership, International Trade, Economic Development, Human Capital Advisory Services, Recruitment, Empowerment

Products/Services: State Government, International Trade, Economic Development, Business Strategy and Facilitation, Business Linkages, Marketing and Brand Strategy, Project Management, Leadership/Executive Management Recruitment

Websites: www.ellarysolutions.comwww.professionalwomen.biz


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